The Swingville Bros

Bad Hangover (Bros Records)

Cd-ep 2014

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The Swingville Bros if you

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of this disc.

Bad Hangover (listen on spotify)

(Square Walton/Leroy Kirkland)

Oh-Oh (listen on spotify)

(E Bocage/P Gayten)

Honky Tonkin' (listen on spotify)

(Hank Williams)

Some Kinda Fun (listen on spotify)

(Jim Lee/Chris Montez)

Recorded in Buttre Braak Studio, Oslo.

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Kjell Rønningen.

Boppin' Up North, Vol. 2 (Rockaround Records)

Various artists 2018

6 norwegian bands, with 3 songs each.


Dig Boy, Dig (listen on spotify)



Hillbilly Fever (listen on spotify)



Shake It Up And Move (listen on spotify)



Recorded in Buttre Braak Studio, Oslo.

Engineered by Kjell Rønningen. 

Mixed and mastered by Arild Rønes, Rockaround Studio.